Honduras Feeding Centers

We desire to provide more nutritious meals for the Lenca children and their families. Cost to add a new feeding kitchen co-located in a primary school is $10,000.
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Feeding Centers Needed

  • 1 in 4 children in Honduras suffer from malnutrition and 75% of rural populations such as the Lenca Indians live in extreme poverty.
  • We respond to this need through our 4 feeding centers (3 of which are co-located in primary schools) and serve over 800 children each day. Our desire to continue to build more feeding centers in this region is great to help battle malnutrition and hunger
  • When children do not have enough food to eat, or the food available to them lacks necessary nutrients–malnutrition, starvation and chronic health issues become a serious and potentially life-threatening reality.

Supporting Honduras will help feed impoverished children in our feeding centers


Under-nutrition deaths of children under 5


Anemia affecting children under 5 and anemia affecting 15% of women


Population living in poverty

Poorly diversified diets and a lack of nutritional awareness result in overlapping nutritional problems including stunting, and mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

  • Provide long-term food distribution
  • Provide building materials for feeding centers
  • Provide nutrition education

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