Join Hands Giving Hope in Our Mission to Rebuild Lives: Rallying Together to Raise Funds for Families Affected by the Hurricane in Fort Myers Florida. Your Support Makes a Difference.

As we journey to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, our convoy carries 11 pallets laden with essentials: toys to bring smiles to children, comforting blankets, crucial cleanup supplies, and nourishing sustenance. Our destination is a Baton Rouge warehouse, where this cargo becomes a beacon of assistance.

From this point forward, the steadfast Cajun Navy takes up the mantle, guiding these resources towards Fort Myers, Florida, where they’ll be a lifeline for hurricane-stricken individuals. We are not without our apprehensions, as diesel fuel scarcities and soaring costs weigh on our minds. Yet, our unwavering faith in a higher power assures us that the means will be provided.

Join us in this mission, become part of our community-driven endeavor. Together, we manifest hope in the face of adversity.

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