The following is Hands Giving Hope’s report from pastor Daniel who oversee’s our Turkana project. Pastor Daniel lives in Lodwar and travels 2 hours to make sure our vision is moving forward. He works very hard and is doing a great job. Thank you pastor Daniel.

Dear Brethren, greetings.

I open this chance to pray to you and everyone who has one time or consistently outstretched his hand to stand with the Turkana child to make them have a ray of hope in their future life, through the able leadership of Pastor Dennis Hislop. This is a god sent Man who has hearkened to his call and what God has directed him to do. When he came to Turkana he had met with so many children even street children. However his heart was not just about any children that he had met , but the most fortunate. He moved out of the city and when he had reached about 50km from Lodwar heading to Kakuma refugee camp , he reached a place where he saw a woman who had lost her dignity and looked so emaciated, he stopped the driver so as to talk to this lady. To  him, this was a prayer answered and he saw his heart settle in this place. The lady gave him the priorities to which she has been praying for.

1)    School 

2)    Water

3)    Medical facility.

Pastor Dennis almost cried to he amazing plan of God and how the cry of his heart had fulfilled. After he prayed and wanted to take a photo with her new friend the lady turned wild and wanted to stone her new friend.

Since the pastor Dennis has never been deterred by challenges thereof not even when his health is not good, he has shared the word of God, everything in his possession and even his very life.

Today he has built a beautiful building in this village for a school and supports them with food every Months and pay for their teachers, and therefore this village has become a city on a hill since it’s the only permanent bulding in the village.

This week however, the Ministry of Health mobile team  from the  govt,went to the site and threaten to close the school for lack of major facilities primarily toilets and water. They talked to the teacher and they called me after they had left, giving them a timeline of 3 months to put those things in place.

Lets pray that the Lord in his riches may provide towards this. We also pray for the items outlined in the last report that God may provide as well to make Pastor Dennis’ dream in this village come to completion and realization.

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