As I look back on our disaster relief efforts in Louisiana (Sept. 2020) I was amazed how everyone came together to help humanity, many lost everything as a result of Hurricane Laura. Our last day we split up our HGH team, some went to Glenmora and others of went to Lake Charles. Those that went to Glenmora put up tables of clothes galore, water, backpacks and more. As people were going thru the clothes tears flowed as they had lost everything. Out of a pallet of clothes there were only 2 small boxes left. Yea God. Those of us that went to Lake Charles hooked up with the Louisiana Cajun Navy. They were set up in a parking lot and people drove thru and received warm meals, cases of water, boxes of vegetables, Hygiene products, cleaning supplies and more. They even had gas cans to fill up peoples cars. All day long there was a non-stop line of cars. HGH brought pallets of water to their efforts.

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